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Why Study at GMC

Govt. Murray College Sialkot is a vibrant college with an institutional history of over 100 years and it is within an easy access to the citizens of Sialkot and its suburbs. The mission of this college is to provide the highest possible quality of education, training and research in order to meet the needs of individuals and of the community. We are well known for the way we combine an academic approach with a practical approach to the college level study. We have all the facilities you would expect to support your studies, including:


  Well-equipped laboratories




  A Resource Center

  Multipurpose Hall

  Examination Halls

  Postgraduate Block

  Modern Gymnasium

  Wide Play Grounds

  Free Computer Education

  B.S. Hons Programs

Our student support-services are second to none as Govt. Murray College is an exciting and benefitting place to study. You will feel quite at home here. You will certainly be impressed by the staff-student ratio, wonderful building, beautiful lawns and well equipped labs and above all a friendly environment.


Govt. Murray College has a long and distinguished history of widening the mental horizons of her students and helping them gain the knowledge needed for different types of careers. Over the years, several thousand students have chosen to study here and the number is still on the increase.

The College positively welcomes the students with disabilities. We do every thing to ensure that the Special students may have an excellent experience here. It is our aim that our students must achieve the best academic results while they are with us. Brilliant students gain handsome awards in terms of cash prizes and books. Those who perform best in Class Tests and Send-up Tests get handsome prizes, stipends and scholarships.


At Govt. Murray College we provide you with an ample opportunity to make a progress both intellectually and socially. This College is more than an academic centre and we hope to provide you with all the means to develop your full potential. At Govt. Murray College Sialkot, due importance is given to the co-curricular activities and sports. The students are encouraged to participate in various co-curricular activities and games. All facilities are provided to them in this regard.


We urge you to read this Prospectus carefully, but better still, pay a visit to us. If you will join us, we hope that you will feel pleased with yourself in the years to come for having made the right choice.



Education is free for the students who have obtained 900 or above marks in matric. They will be given free books, college uniform also and scholarship.

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