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Incentives and Awards

Outstanding students (both boys and girls) are awarded cash prizes and books at the functions held exclusively for this purpose. These are designed to encourage and appreciate brilliant students and to promote the noble cause of education.


At the time of the annual prize distribution, the prizes are awarded to students who achieve a distinction ineach subject in their classes. In addition, the prizes are for general proficiency, declamation, recitation, extempore speaking and debating in English, Urdu and Punjabi and essay writing contests. In games and ethletics, colors are awarded to playes and athletics of outstanding merit. Sports prizes are awarded on the annual sports day.

Allama Iqbal Gold Medal

This medal is awarded to a student who gets positions in Board or Universiry examination results each year.

J. Anwar Shaheed Scholarship

Lt. Jahangir Anwar Jnjua embraced martyrdom in 1988 at abbotabad while performing his duties. He was an old student of this college. His family awards three Janjua Shaheed scholarships to three poor and outstanding students of the college, annually.

Fatima Jaafar Scholarship

Fatima Jaafar Education Trust is a social department of HILBRO (Pvt.) Ltd. Haji Muhammad Ashraf, the director of of HILBRO (Pvt.) Ltd., is an old student of this college who has announced 10 scholarships each worth rupees 3000/- per annum out of the said trust, founded in the name of his parents. Thress scholarships are awarded to under privileged and outstading studnets for one year. Five scholaships for post-graduate students and fie scholarships for under-graduate outstanding and needy students are awarded annually.

Prize Distibution Cermoney

At the end of the academic session, a function is organized to award cash prizes to the students who show excellent performance in class tests, send-up tests and co-curriculum activites, besides sports events.

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