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Library & Laboratories

The Allam Iqbal Library

Between the Muhammad Bin Qasim Block and the Staff Room there stands the collefe lobrary. It is a two stroyed bulding. Besides the main hall, it has seperate reading rooms for the staff and students. The library containes over 25036 volumes and is suppied with loeading newspapers and magazines.

The members of the teching and clerical stff and the students on the rools of the college are entitled to use the library. They are responsible for acuainting themselves with its rules, which may be seend on the library notics board.

The Laboratories

The college, being an old institute, has highly equipped laboratories. They are being Continually suppied with fresh equipment each year.

The College has the following laboratories.

  1. Biology Lab (Intermediate).
  2. B.S Botony
  3. B.S Zoology
  4. Intermediate Chemistry Lab I
  5. Intermediate Chemistry Lab II
  6. B.S Chemistry Lab
  7. Intermediate Physics Lab I
  8. Intermediate Physics Lab II
  9. B.S Physics Lab
  10. Statistic Lab
  11. Commerce Lab
  12. Computer Lab
  13. Psychology Lab (Pos. Graduate)
  14. Sitara Butt Computer Department
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