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Faculty of Social Sciences

  Naseer Ahmad Ghazi
M.A. (Pb) Gold Medalist,
  Dean of Social Sciences




Social sciences today have spread into more and more specialized disciplines, which deal with different aspects of social life of the people in a society. The compartmentalization of social sciences into various disciplines does not, however, negate the fundamental characteristics that it deals with social facts in whatever context we may study them. What makes the modern social sciences different is the method of discovering facts and figures. In spite of practical difficulties faced by social scientists in maintaining objectivity in the collection of facts, the coherence of social phenomenon and the profound unity of social sciences have never been seriously doubted.

Developing nations such as Pakistan are making their utmost effort to modernize themselves in order to achieve dynamic social institutions that are capable of solving their complex and diversified problems. Development, therefore, both economic and social, has become a keyword in the community of developing nations in the present era. It is not only a process of change, but it also signifies the plans and policies of government as well as other business and commercial institutions to find ways and means for satisfying the rising expectations of the people.

In Pakistan, there is a dire need of diverting the efforts of development on scientific lines, which means a concrete and deliberate emphasis on rational process of working in human organizations and manipulation of resources towards the attainment of desirable goals. The Faculty of Social Sciences at Murray College has designed its academic programs keeping in view this need. Murray College has planned close liaison and linkages with public and private sector organizations in order to facilitate the transition of the students from theory to practice for facing the real life problems in a dynamic working environment with courage, conviction and confidence

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